Our “Stay-With-You” Commitment

We are completely committed to helping you succeed. We recognize that the time it takes to complete a goal is different for everybody.  At District Hypnosis we promise that once you have paid for your program in full, we will stay with you all the way to your success. Our “Stay-With-You” Commitment states:  “Once you have completed your program, we will continue to provide you with one free hypnosis session per month until you are 100% satisfied with your results – and you pay nothing more!And we will put that in writing!


Our Money Back Commitment

Plus we also offer this money back commitment:  “If during your first session, for any reason, you ask for your money back, you will receive an on the spot no hassle 100% refund.”


Our “Do-Over” Commitment

And finally!  Because we want you to have great results:  “If you are not 100% satisfied with a session, we will give you a do-over’ at no extra charge.

*All commitments are valid for as long as we are in business.  **Up to one session per month.