What Causes Stress?

He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.

Lao Tzu

Stress is a natural and sometimes healthy aspect of living.  There is good stress and there is bad stress.  Under the right circumstances, stress can fire you up for that important presentation or motivate you to act quickly and go beyond your normal limits in critical conditions.  When stress becomes habitual, it can lead to early aging, accidents, disease and depression.

Stress occurs when a person believes that the demands placed on them are greater than their normal coping abilities.  Because we are hard wired to automatically go into a physical and mental emergency mode when we are under threat, any sudden change can trigger stress.

This is the protective evolutionary adaptation known as “the fight or flight response” designed to increase strength and accelerate reflexes during times of immediate danger.  Under the right circumstances, the fight or flight response gives you the boost you need to stay alive.

In a crisis, emotions take over, and your physical power rapidly increases dramatically.  Because the reasoning mind works much too slowly to be useful in an emergency, the logical faculties shut down.  Mental focus becomes narrowed and the mind dismisses information that is not relevant to the situation.  The pounding heart pumps extra blood into the muscles for increased strength in a possible fight for survival.  Rapid breathing increases oxygen intake to the brain.  Sleeplessness and a hyper-alert mental state allows you to remain vigilantly on guard.  The digestive process halts it would be an expense of energy.  When in peril, this physical and mental shift could save your life.

However, the same mental and physical responses are prompted even when a stressor is not life-threatening.  A memory or a worry or a thought has the same power to unleash the fight or flight response as an actual event.  Hypnosis sessions for stress help you to gain control over how stress operates in your life.  Hypnosis works with your unconscious mind where the automatic fight or flight response is triggered.  You can release built up stress and manage your responses to the stressors in your life easily and naturally.  Hypnosis is the key to mastering your internal responses to life’s upsets.  By using hypnosis to control your stress, you will become a healthier, happier and more effective person.