Get Back to Where You Once Belonged!

Hypnosis Puts You in Control

You weren’t born with poor eating habits.  You learned them.  Have you ever noticed what babies do when they are given food after they are full?  They will squish their little face, close their mouth shut and pull their head away from the spoon.  No excuses!  No time to be polite!  This is your natural response to excess food.  Over time, however, you have become conditioned to ignore your natural instinct to stop eating.  Consider all the food you eat when you’re not really hungry.

Emotional Eating – Those comfort foods that you eat when you’re stressed or upset. (Have you ever noticed  that you don’t actually feel any better after you’ve finished that huge bowl of ice cream?)

Social Eating – Eating to be polite. (After all the hostess has been cooking all day and you don’t want to insult her;  Or everyone else is eating so you join them;  Or perhaps someone is encouraging you to have “just one more slice.”)

Guilt Eating  – Eating after you’re full “just to finish the plate” or because you “don’t want to waste good food.” ( A habit installed during childhood.  “No dessert until you clean your plate!”  The reward for eating too much food – was, of course, more food!)

Unconscious Eating – Snacks that you unthinkingly eat while sitting in front of the TV. (Next time you watch television, pay attention to how many food commercials there are.  TV is one of the most hypnotic devices in our culture.  Companies spend a boatload of money on these ads for a reason!)

These are just a few of the examples of how you have already been hypnotized – into poor eating habits.  Now use hypnosis to your own advantage!  With our hypnosis programs and individualized sessions you can make your new healthy habits become automatic while your old unhealthy behaviors will simply disappear.
Imagine how trim and attractive you would looktoday if over the last year you didn’t eat all of that food you didn’t really enjoy!   Now imagine how you would look next year if you could make that one simple change today!  We’renot suggesting that you give up treats and snacks.  What we are saying is that it will be your choice when you do indulge and you can savor them guilt free!

District Hypnosis helps you to identify the situations in your life where you eat without pleasure.  By eliminating this one habit alone, you not only lose weight, but your food will be more satisfying than ever before.  You will become aware of when you are hungry and when you are full.  You can be back in control of how much, what and when you eat without feeling deprived or hungry!